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By Laura Oldfield, Aug 23 2017 03:08PM

After helping families organise events for their kids, working at a lot of weddings and events, and sourcing products, entertainers and special activities for our very special kids’ parties, we’ve developed an amazing contact list of the best suppliers and performers on the Costa del Sol. Due to our trusted party partners and the planning powers of our super organised team, we have decided to create an agency which will continue to provide brilliant kids’ parties, but also allow anyone who is organising an event to book everything through us. This means you can relax and let us deal with all the different suppliers and make sure they are in the right place, at the right time, with everything you have requested.

We know it can be hard to find people you can trust and we’ve all heard stories of people being let down. You don’t need that stress or all the phone calls, emails and time it takes to bring together all the elements needed for an unforgettable event. By booking everything through us, you know you only have to explain your needs to one person, with years of party planning experience and the right professionals at their fingertips. Let us know if we can help you create an amazing event. Contact us

The One Stop Party Shop

Our vision is to be a true one stop shop for all things parties. If you can dream it, pretty much we can deliver it and find the right people for your requirements and your budget.

Of course we can get all the party essentials such as photographers, bouncy castles, face painters, candy carts, candy floss, popcorn machines and entertainers, but it doesn’t stop there…. We have wow speciality acts, dancers, breakdancers, jugglers, stilt walkers, aerialists, professional magicians, DJs, singers, tribute performers and more. Recently we have also been getting a lot of demand for electronic rides, photo booths and virtual reality games and rides, so we can provide all of this too.

Laura, Tino and the team can support you to source a few finishing touches for a modest birthday bash, or go all out to help you create a huge celebration for an important occasion. We only work with reliable, legal and insured companies so you can be sure your entertainer or activity will arrive, be on time and deliver what you wanted.

Why go through Kids’ Parties Spain?

As professional party planners and entertainers on the Costa del Sol we have the skills, contacts, energy and enthusiasm to get it right.

We know what makes a great party and all the logistics required to make sure it goes without a hitch. Therefore, as well as finding the right suppliers, we can also offer advice on timings, make recommendations for activities depending on the size of the group, the age ranges and type of event. Our team know what to look out for, in terms of access, dimensions and the suitability of a space and also how to get power cables to relevant areas, or plan for different weather conditions.

There’s a lot to think about it, but we have it covered! Trust in us to remove your stress, save you time and let you just enjoy the party.

How much does it cost?

This is the best bit for you – we don’t add any fees on top. You pay the advertised price for the equipment or the normal fee for the performer and no more. We want to add value and make it easier for the client, but you don’t pay a thing!

Please contact us by email or phone to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to helping you.

By Laura Oldfield, Aug 1 2017 08:22AM

At Kids Parties Spain we live and breathe parties and have already worked with many families to celebrate these very special events. Each party is unique, but there are some things that always work well and other things that always cause trouble! So to help your next party go down a storm, follow these simple tips.

1. Do not assume guests will be punctual and plan for people to be late – Here in Spain arrival times are pretty loose and it’s not unusual for people to arrive up to an hour after the start time, so factor this in to your planning. Let the first hour of the party be fun and relaxed, without too many key activities, face painting and balloon modelling work well for greeting the little ones. If you are going to have a magic show or special performance, plan that for at least an hour after the official start time, so no kids miss out.

2. Plan Ahead – Everything is easier with time in hand! Make sure you choose your theme with plenty of time to source things locally, or order online and have things delivered. There are some awesome things out there, but not always on our doorstep, so it’s great to have time to get everything here in plenty of time. It’s also lovely to involve the kids in preparing home made things for their own parties, but the DIY approach needs to be fun and so you don’t want the clock to be ticking!

3. Make sure you know how many people are coming – This may seem obvious, but getting confirmations can be tricky and parents won’t always say if they are bringing siblings with them or not. If you have limited space, or want to limit numbers, be very clear on the invitations whether siblings are invited and let people know that you need confirmations by a certain date. Then be prepared for one or two more or one or two less at your party!

4. Think about the different ages – If you are having siblings, or you have a big spread of ages present, think how your theme, entertainment or activities will work for the younger or older ones. Also, consider if you want childcare for the younger ones, so their parents can relax. Older kids can be great childminders too, so see if you can involve them, they will like the responsibility and will get stuck in with the fun if they are there with the younger ones.

5. Inform parents what they need to bring – If it’s a pool party, then make it very clear that people will need to bring swimwear and towels, or if the party has a theme, let people know if they should dress up, so there are no kids who turn up in the wrong things. However, think ahead that some parents may forget, so put some spare swimmers and a few masks or themed items on the side to cover up any mistakes and make all kids feel welcome.

6. Think about the weather – We are very lucky to have sunny weather most of the year on the Costa del Sol, but you should plan for all eventualities as well. If it’s a summer party remember sun cream, shaded areas and lots of water. If it’s in the spring or autumn, think about how you’d handle a colder day, wind, or even rain – it’s always good to have a plan B!

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Organising and setting up for a party is a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to spread the load. Ask family, friends and the kids to give you a hand for the set up, so you’re not exhausted by the time it begins. Or, talk to professional party planners like us and let us take away the strain from you and leave you free to just enjoy!

8. Think about how you handle the presents – Will you put the presents to one side and let your child open them at home, or do you want to let them open them there and then? If they are opening them at the party, make sure that there is a place to keep the presents safe and a big bin liner for the wrapping paper and try to get your child to say thank you to each child and parent as they open them. If you want to do thank you notes, you need to make sure you know who gave what, which is not always easy. A picture of the child with the present and who gave it to them can be invaluable and a nice momento of the day.

9. Don’t forget the essentials – Every party needs plenty of water, juice and soft drinks, some treats for the kids, a cake, candles, knife and a lighter to light the candles. Plastic or paper cups and plates, napkins and bin bags are essential too. If you’re providing drinks for the adults, don’t forget the bottle opener and to have chilled the wine and beer ahead of time.

10. Remember the party bags – At the end of the party, make sure each child goes away with a party bag, they are easy to forget once the party is nearly over and you’re winding down. Get your child involved, they will like the job of making sure everyone has a party bag as they say goodbye.

11. Send the location - Try give parents as much information as possible so they can find you hassel free and put out party balloons to be spotted easily!

If this all sounds a bit much to think about, bring in the professionals and we can help you with everything! Kids Parties Spain supply everything your child needs for the best birthday ever!

Download our party check list and tips by clicking here.

Contact us to find out how we can help you and request our party planning checklist, a brilliant resource that you can print out and use for your next party, so nothing gets forgotten.

By Laura Oldfield, Jun 30 2017 12:23PM

We love Sotogrande, it’s a stunning part of the Costa del Sol, popular with families because of the excellent schools, sports facilities and proximity to Gibraltar. The area boasts some great villas, with large pools, which make perfect party venues and we have been lucky enough to work with some lovely Sotogrande families to create unforgettable kids’ parties.

We recently worked with a Sotogrande Mum to develop a Hawaii summer theme party in the garden of their villa for their daughter’s 7th birthday. It was a great theme for a summer birthday where we had the luxury of a large pool. We worked the theme through every element – the party bags, balloons, sacks for the sack race and even the bouncy castle took you to a tropical island paradise. The cake made by Alyson’s Cakes was pretty as a picture in pastel tones, with flowers and a hula girl vibe. The music was in keeping too, combining chilled Hawaiian music with the Moana soundtrack, gave a great atmosphere that all ages could get into.

There were a few very special details and activities, which gave it the wow factor, like flamingos popping up from the hedges and a giant flamingo inflatable in the pool for the perfect first impression. For the Hawaii Five-0 feel, we had a mechanical surfboard ride, where guests young and old put their surfing skills to the test and tried to stay on the board for as long as possible. It was great fun, and quite a challenge too.

This party was a good example of how with our help, kids and adults alike can have a great time and the hosts aren’t under pressure. This was a big family party, with a lot of kids of all ages and a lot of adults too. We made sure that everyone was safe and taken care of with a qualified lifeguard and baby sitter for the little ones, bouncy castle monitors and entertainers. We also organised waitresses to look after the parents and made sure there were activities that everyone could join in with. The Kids Parties Spain team set up the villa as a party venue and at the end of the party, we had cleaners on hand to make the pack up easy-peasy for the family.

If you live in the Sotogrande area and would like to see Kids Parties Spain in action and meet the team, come on down to the Beach BBQ by danii children’s cancer charity on the 3rd of July at Chambao in Torreguardiaro. From 19.30 to there will be live music and lots going on and we’ll be there to entertain the kids. Adults entry is 5€, which includes a drink and kids entry is 2.50€ and it’s raising money for this excellent cause.

If you can’t make it, but would like us to help you with a kids’ party in Sotogrande, please contact us.

By Laura Oldfield, Jun 28 2017 01:50PM

Here at Kids Parties Spain, we specialise in those very special ages from 3 to 8 years old, when your little ones are growing, developing and birthdays become more and more important. These are the ages when they really get the most from party entertainers, when the sight of their favourite cartoon characters at their party has them jumping for joy. These are the magic moments that we work hard to create and makes us love our job!

We think of the work we do as more than just entertaining your kids, we are creating memories and helping you to celebrate a very special day with family and friends. During the party, we care for the kids, make the birthday boy or girl feel special, ensure all the kids are included and everyone is having fun.

Before the party, we work with Mums, Dads, Grandparents and kids to create something which is perfect for them. We decide whether a Disney Princess or Spiderman will make their day, find out their favourite activity, TV programme or even their favourite colour and plan the party around that.

If your daughter loves Disney Princesses, or if Paw Patrol is never off the TV, we can bring these characters into the party and make the birthday girl or boy a star alongside their favourite characters. When you see a little girl being a princess alongside Belle, it is like her dreams have come true, we love it. We have also developed a range of wonderful themes, such as pirates, fairies, dance, magic and even mermaids, and are always open to new, fun and innovative ideas. Tell us everything you can and together we will make the magic happen!

At Kids Parties Spain, nothing is too much trouble and we can handle everything for you. We have an excellent team of Princesses and Superheroes, face painters, cake makers, balloon decoration specialists and great photographers to capture those magic moments forever. Just give us your vision and we will do the rest, so you can sit back and enjoy the day as much as your little ones and their friends.

But don’t worry if you love organising parties and making them your own. We know there are some very talented Mums and Dads on the Costa del Sol, doing an awesome job at throwing parties and we’d never want to spoil your fun. We can simply provide one entertainer, or a face painter, or some cool balloons – whatever you need to make your party complete.

Our aim is the same as yours, to make the best party for your child, so just let us know what will make their day special, and we can help make that happen!

Happy party planning all!!

By Laura Oldfield, Jun 19 2017 03:00PM

Planning a wedding is a stressful process, but the day shouldn’t be! A well-planned and well- organised wedding should run like clockwork and let the happy couple enjoy every moment of it and give all the guests a day to remember. However, bored kids + weddings = trouble!

Kids have the special knack of making a noise at the wrong time, or interrupting some vital process and it can cause a lot of stress for the bride and groom and the parents. Thankfully, the solution is easy – just have a few entertainers to help out at key moments and all those problems will just disappear.

Happy kids = happy and relaxed parents

This is true at all times, and especially at weddings or big events. Weddings are tricky for our little ones, as they are long days when stress and emotions can run high and following the rules is important. Don’t get angry with them for not toeing the line - leave it to the professionals to ease you through those potential problems and make the day as good for the children as for the rest of the guests.

So when should I use entertainers?

Well of course that’s up to you and depends on the structure of the day, as well as your budget. In our experience, the times when entertainers really come into their own is during the cocktail reception, meals and speeches.

You can start the reception with an hour of entertainment, immediately after the ceremony, to burn some energy and let the guests mingle and congratulate the happy couple. Then have entertainers on hand for a few hours during the dinner and speeches, so guests can eat in peace, while the kids have a great time.

However, we can also create a dedicated kids area and be on hand throughout the day to leave you feeling relaxed and the parents free to enjoy the wedding. Discuss your needs with us and we can find a solution to fit.

Three Tips for Children’s Entertainers at your wedding

1. Involve your entertainers into the plan for the wedding and let them know where they fit in. Make sure you discuss with them if you need quiet activities at certain times, or if there is a separate space for the kids and entertainers so they can make some noise.

2. Decide if you need childcare too – Entertainers are not childminders and young children need parental supervision and help with things like trips to the toilet. If there are a lot of young children and you want the parents to be totally free, consider getting a childminder as well as entertainers.

3. Look at your venue and consider the kids – Think about where the kids and entertainers can be located and whether you want a special kids’ corner for the whole wedding, or just a few hours of entertainment. If the kids are very constrained in the venue, then you will need more support than if they have lots of space and freedom to run around. Is there a small room which could be a dedicated kid’s area with a childminder and an entertainer? This should be part of the planning process.

The team at Kids Parties Spain are experienced, organised and professional entertainers who can create magical experiences for children of all ages. We work with wedding planners, venues and couples to add entertainment into weddings in just the right way to complement your special day. We can provide garden giant games, jugglers, stilt walker, princesses, magicians, electronic rides, superheroes, break-dancers, fire show, mascot visits, aerialists, clowns and much more. Please get in touch with us and we can find the perfect solution for you.

By Laura Oldfield, Mar 9 2017 11:57PM

A children’s entertainer can do one or more of the following activities… balloon modelling, face painting, perform magic, host games, lead races, host sports, teach dancing and more. They key is to find the entertainer right for your child’s party.

When looking for an entertainer ask your friends who they’ve seen in action, recommendation is key!

Let your entertainer know the age group, number of children and the languages needed.

Also when speaking to your entertainer ask what activities they will do and what they provide. Do they bring the piñata or do you? Do they have a portable music system or do they want to use your CD player? Will they have enough prizes for the kids and what are they? Do they have a costume to suit your theme?

Another factor to consider is the skill level and experience of your entertainer, are you happy with simple face paints from a young trainee in the making or do you want wow factor face paints that will amaze your guests? Do you want a silly clown and a few simple tricks or a world class illusion show with rabbits, fire and mind puzzling magic?

We offer several forms of entertainment and entertainers here at ‘Kids Parties Spain,’ we can help recommend what and who is right for your child’s party. The right entertainer will make your party, keeping the children happy having lots of fun and out of trouble, all while you get to have a glass of wine, relax and even have an adult conversation with friends!

If you need any party advice we are just a phone call or email away.

Happy party planning!

Laura x

By Laura Oldfield, Sep 28 2016 11:08AM

It wouldn’t be fair to say my favourite party of the year, as every party is unique and special but recently we dared to try something new and the results were magical!

We created a Mermaid lagoon at a private villa in Sotogrande. We had 50 young children to engage, entertain and most importantly keep safe in water!

So how did we do it?

We began our mermaid school on the grass, talking about the different types of mermaids and how to spot them! Then I explained we were actually going to swim with real mermaids today and the excitement was infectious.

Now for the safety and control part… I asked the children what they thought the rules should be. The children were deep in thought and coming up with all the right answers, no running, shouting or touching the mermaids. The children were very aware that any quick or loud movements would scare the mermaids away. I also explained to enter the water we needed the mermaid’s permission first!

Then we took a moment for sun cream, arm bands and finding goggles then made a long…a very long line behind Tino. This was it, the children were about to enter the swimming pool, were they all going to jump in, splash, attack the poor mermaids, run, scream and what if I lost one…my heart was in my mouth…my skills as a children’s entertainer really being put to the test.

But NO, the kids were completely mesmerised, in awe of what we had created. The lagoon music played creating the Disney magic, we all entered in a perfect line then sat around the edges of the swimming pool. Inside the pool were two beautiful mermaids performing synchronized swimming.

We began our mermaid class, stretching, swimming and diving just like the real mermaids. 50 minutes felt like 5, the time flew by, everyone, boys and girls, even the parents were entranced with our mermaid lagoon show time.

The fun was not over, we then had our mermaid pop concert, kid’s talent show and the birthday girl really was the star of the show.

All the children were a real credit to the parents and was an honor to be part of such an amazing family party!

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