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Mermaid Lagoon Party

By Laura Oldfield, Sep 28 2016 11:08AM

It wouldn’t be fair to say my favourite party of the year, as every party is unique and special but recently we dared to try something new and the results were magical!

We created a Mermaid lagoon at a private villa in Sotogrande. We had 50 young children to engage, entertain and most importantly keep safe in water!

So how did we do it?

We began our mermaid school on the grass, talking about the different types of mermaids and how to spot them! Then I explained we were actually going to swim with real mermaids today and the excitement was infectious.

Now for the safety and control part… I asked the children what they thought the rules should be. The children were deep in thought and coming up with all the right answers, no running, shouting or touching the mermaids. The children were very aware that any quick or loud movements would scare the mermaids away. I also explained to enter the water we needed the mermaid’s permission first!

Then we took a moment for sun cream, arm bands and finding goggles then made a long…a very long line behind Tino. This was it, the children were about to enter the swimming pool, were they all going to jump in, splash, attack the poor mermaids, run, scream and what if I lost one…my heart was in my mouth…my skills as a children’s entertainer really being put to the test.

But NO, the kids were completely mesmerised, in awe of what we had created. The lagoon music played creating the Disney magic, we all entered in a perfect line then sat around the edges of the swimming pool. Inside the pool were two beautiful mermaids performing synchronized swimming.

We began our mermaid class, stretching, swimming and diving just like the real mermaids. 50 minutes felt like 5, the time flew by, everyone, boys and girls, even the parents were entranced with our mermaid lagoon show time.

The fun was not over, we then had our mermaid pop concert, kid’s talent show and the birthday girl really was the star of the show.

All the children were a real credit to the parents and was an honor to be part of such an amazing family party!

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